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Some words are better than others…like the word conundrum. Can’t you just say it over and over and enjoy the rhythm and the percussion of the sound? I made a list of some of my favorite words and then endeavored to make them into a story. Below is the result:

Once upon a time there was an ethereal tintinnabulation going on in the bailiwick of a discombobulated dweeb. This poor dweeb, whose name was Heeb, was especially muddled because he had recently gone through an uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.

When Heeb (the dweeb) heard the ethereal tintinnabulation, he wondered what was afoot. What a conundrum! Was some rapscallion up to some sort of shenanigan? Heeb (the dweeb) was not usually a flibbertigibbet but today he wished his cousin Rhombus was around. Rhombus was always so level-headed and evenly-balanced; he’d know what to do for sure. Rhombus never used circumlocation, was never garrulous, and was always perspicacious.  But Rhombus was not around so Heeb (the dweeb) had to figure things out for himself.

Heeb peered through a plethora of luscious and opulent foliage to see what he could see. He heard something rustle! His inkling was that something egregious was happening. In the mist, looking like the chiaroscuro of a painting, stood a doppleganger of Elvis Presley. Poor Heeb (the dweeb) almost swooned.

However, everything ended up being copacetic. The Elvis image amalgamated into a giant spanakopita, which wasn’t terrifying at all. Being ravenous, Heeb gobbled it up. There must have been some good wicca in Heeb’s bailiwick that day. Heeb smiled and the corners of his eyes crinkled with joy.



Being Fascinating

SO –  with umpteen jillion people all vying for attention with their blog posts, what am I going to say that the world wants to hear?

Several years ago I heard Christopher Reeve (of Superman fame) being interviewed on TV. He said that when he was very young and starting his career, he had the privilege of being in a play with THE legendary Katherine Hepburn. She took it upon herself to become his acting coach. She would stand on the sidelines and whisper to him, “Be fascinating. Be fascinating, Chris. Be fascinating.” He said that those words, more than almost anything else, taught him how to act.

It strikes me that, if you’re an actor, being fascinating is easier. You just have to keep a mysterious mindset underlying your performance, and always be aware of the impact you’re having on your audience. Sean Connery was such a great James Bond because, underneath all the horrendously dangerous situations, he kept a twinkle in his eye. If he’d been too serious about it all, the audience would have been cowering in their seats.

But being a fascinating writer? Not so easy. You only have one medium, not several as an actor has.

Obviously, some writers have managed. Shakespeare, for example….and a ‘few’ others (?!)

So, that’s what my blog will be about – exploring words – and that’s a whole big basket of fun.

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